Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Secret For Healthy Hair

Hair losses, few signs of thinning, patches and eventually getting bald? Have tried so many 'right' shampoos, treatments, conditioners, brands and products? Think again..

This is not something women should not overlook and could be detrimental to your hair in the long- run if you don't want to start paying attention now.

There are not excuses for not knowing. For a start, try to say absolutely NO! to products ..anything with 'cone', 'conol' or 'xane' at the end:-

Cetearyl menthicone
Cetyl Dimenthicone
Stearyl Dimethicone
Cetrimonium Cloride

Same apply for your wax, gel and mouse too. Reasons?

Many famous brands contain silicones (that are not soluble by water) and sulfate (sodium laureth sulfate (SLES) & sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS)). Chlorine (water) is bad enough but why do you want to add more chemicals to your head?

Before buying a shampoo or condition it is wise to stop, look at the ingredients and decide. These two culprits can be commonly found in hand-wash, tooth-paste, soap and detergent because it can eliminate oil and cheap to produce. It works but only for a short while.

It can strip away your hair and scalp's natural oil and seal out the moisture of your hair. sulfates are very drying and can damage hair follicles! Thus, your hair becoming frizzy, dry and fragile in the long run. You may look good in a week but your hair returns to disastrous state after. The idea that lots of bubbles means really clean hair making companies to keep on making cheap shampoos.

This is not for only next 6 months or for a new year's resolution. This is a routine!!! This is for the long -run or long-term investments to healthy hair. Stress level, inadequate diet, diseases and medicines also can cause hair loss.

You have the power to change. There are many affordable products in the market today that suit your hair and scalp without harsh chemical added. Just look at the 'organic', 'gylcerine' and 'glucosides' tags that come naturally from corn, sugar and herbal.

Make a habit, look at the ingredients and yes to shampoos or conditioners that contain silicon-free and non-sulfate.

Why take a risk? You deserve a break from expensive treatments and it is time to know the real secret.

Your hair will love you!