Sunday, 30 October 2011

Facecharts pt. 1

Dolls, get inspired of my makeup looks that I created at my facecharts!
Enjoy! ;)

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Beautiful Esther: Smokey

Natural smokey eyes for day event. Who said that we can't do smokey eyes on the day event? It's all about how u done it gals!

Beautiful Esther

Ika make up.....

My Little Princess: Qeesha Staatsmann pt2

Catch Me...!!!!

Wednesday, 26 October 2011


MAC Theme days: Halloween

Bridal: My Work pt. 5

                                                                        random shots...

Face Painting


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Monday, 24 October 2011

My Recent Work pt. 2

My Make Up Portfolio

Close up: My Work pt. 5

Photographer: Me! :)

Click more:

Singapore Fashion Festival 2008

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Malay Wedding: My Work pt 4

Wedding: Alia Syahida
Make Up & Photography by:.... Me, myself with my SLR cam! :)

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My it!

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My Little Princess: Qeesha Staatsmann

Photographed by Greg Locke

Can't resist not to post this. My little princess 1st Photo shoot.....ever! :)

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Saturday, 22 October 2011

Miss Singapore Earth 2007

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Bridal: My Work pt3

                                                                       My Make Up Portfolio

*Click for Studio: My Work pt1

Photoshoot: Harley Davidson

                                          Work it, girls! :)

Also see: WELLA Vision Trend Model

Model: Wella Trend Vision Award 2007

Make Up: me!
Stylist: Carter Ling (The Scene)

Singapore: MAC Make Up Team

Portrait: Make Up Studio pt 2

My Make Up Portfolio

Behind The Scene: My Work pt. 2

                                                                      My Make Up Portfolio

Studio: My Work pt. 1

                          My Make Up Portfolio

Portrait: Make Up Avant Garde

My Make Up Porfolio

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Kim Kardashian-inspired Make Up Tutorial

from YouTube.

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Ika Basic Face Painting (Butterfly)

Face Painting Basic

3 steps basic :-

b)Color in the outlines
c)Add details

*Choose a basic wing color that will show up well, for example a strong red for a pale skin tone or an intense pink for a darker skin tone.

MAC Cosmetics Facecharts

Friday, 21 October 2011

My Make Up School (Engler Kosmetik Schule Frankfurt)

My Makeup School (Engler Kosmetik Schule Frankfurt) 2005

Other with Mediacorp Artist; Beatrice Chia

Article: 5-Minute Make Up Tips

Got no time? We've got good news: we've whittled down the steps in your makeup routine. Save the gizmos and gadgets for evenings out in the city (yes, a well-executed smoky eye requires some solid mirror time), but for everyday, you can master a gorgeous look in minutes. Here's how (5 Easy Steps):

Step 1: Concealer
A total miracle worker when it comes to hiding dark circles and blemishes, concealer helps make your face a blank canvas so you can create a masterpiece!
How-to: Dab a small amount of product onto your ring finger. Apply gently under the eyes, around the base of the nose, and anywhere you have a blemish or discolouration.
Step 2: Powder
Set your concealer in place and cover up any shine with a pressed or loose powder. It’s worth having a compact on hand for touch-ups to help keep your look intact (especially for impromptu after-work drinks).
How-to: Using a powder brush, dip it into the powder then tap on the side of the compact to shake off any excess. Apply all over the face for maximum coverage.
Step 3: Blush
Add a little colour to your cheeks for a fresh-faced glow (after all, a five-minute makeup routine doesn’t mean that you have to leave the house looking drab). Pink or peach tones are popular choices, but if blush makes you nervous, try bronzer instead.
How-to: Dip a blush brush into the blush and then tap on the side of the compact to shake off any excess. Smile, and then sweep it across the roundest part of your cheeks, extending it up toward the hairline.